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Several amplifiers were available for the Stage models over the years, the original (and still preferred) being the Fender Twin Reverb. This was the amp used in the factory to test the pianos, and consequently they were engineered to sound best through it. The Twin Reverb was a 2 x 12" guitar amp with a Vibrato effect, giving it a sound similar to the Suitcase, but with the added features of tube overdrive and spring reverb.

Fender Twin Reverb + Stage 73 (1970) Fender Twin Reverb
1965 Twin Reverb reissue photo provided by

Not long after the first Stage pianos became available, CBS produced an option package for owners with Suitcase envy: the Super Satellite system. Released in 1972, this was a pair of 2 x 12" speaker cabinets, each with a 100W amplifier. The system included a namerail upgrade for the Stage model, replacing the standard Volume & Bass Boost knobs with a control panel identical to the Suitcase. This gave the piano the stereo Vibrato effect and the Accessory 1 & 2 loop, as well as treble & bass EQ. The master cabinet was also for sale by itself, providing the same features while operating in mono at half the power.

Stage 73 + Super Satellite Speakers (1972)

By 1978, the Super Satellite speakers had been given taller enclosures and were renamed the Janus I system. Aside from the new appearance, the one significant change was that each cabinet was now an independent stereo amp. The Janus I speakers were marketed not just as an amplification system for the Stage pianos: they could also be used with the Suitcase models as auxiliary speakers.

Janus I Speakers (1978)