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Remedies for Static

A common problem experienced by Rhodes owners is static in the piano's output signal. This can be caused by many, many things:

  • Check the gray cable that is connected to the pickup rail. The RCA connector may be a little loose, or it may need cleaning.
  • On late-model suitcase pianos, the effects loop (Accessory 1 & 2) has an internal connection that is temporarily broken when you use the loop. Normally the connection is restored when you unplug your effects loop, but sometimes the internal connection goes bad. Symptoms that the connection is bad include a drop in the piano's volume, along with static that is only heard while you play a key. Try running a short patch cord from Accessory 1 to Accessory 2 as a quick fix for this problem. It should restore the signal to full volume and eliminate the static.
  • The Rhodes tends to have metal particles/dust build up inside of it over time. Vacuuming out the insides of your Rhodes can help eliminate any general static that may be due to this dust.

If none of these remedies work, other possible culprits include:

  • Bad patch cord from the piano to the amp
  • Wrong kind of amplifier (make sure it's a guitar or bass amp, or at least something with its own preamp)
  • Circuitry inside the piano gone bad (you may want to open up the control box and tighten the solder joints)

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