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Service Manual

The 1979 Rhodes Service Manual covers repair and maintenance procedures for virtually all Rhodes piano models (including the ones produced in the 1980's). Here you will find instructions for tuning the piano, adjusting the action and setting key volume levels, along with electrical schematics and a historical overview of the piano's internal design. The manual is available both online and in downloadable formats. (Downloads do not include the schematics from Chapter 11.)

HTML Version of the Rhodes Service Manual © 1996 - 2009 James Garfield. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution is prohibited.

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Cover Page - Table Of Contents - Frames View

Download HTML Manual

Rhodes Service Manual (Chapters 1 to 10) (ZIP, 2.1 MB)
Amp Schematics (Chapter 11) (ZIP, 6.2 MB)

Hi-Res & Printable Images

Printable Tine Cutting Chart (PDF, 26K)
provided by James Garfield

This is what you would have received if you bought replacement tines for your Rhodes back when they were available from dealers. Page 1 shows the correct length for each key, with a corresponding tonebar number depending on what era your piano is from. So if a tine length is labeled "26-33", it is for tonebar #26 if your piano's low E is labeled #1, otherwise (more likely) it's for tonebar #33 if your low E is labeled #8. Hopefully this information will make the chart easier to use. Page 2 also includes staking instructions (when the new tine isn't inserted in the generator block, unlikely these days) and cutting instructions. I just don't know what they were thinking when they recommended using "ordinary" wire cutters!

Mark III EK-10 Service Manual

Download EK-10 Manual (PDF, 8.3 MB)
provided by Vintagebua

The Mark III EK-10 had its own service manual detailing the complex circuitry behind its progressive tone generation system, including the schematics necessary to the repair the instrument.

Additional Schematics

Stage Piano Controls (GIF, 10K)
provided by Jens Lüpke

Diagram of the Volume & Bass Boost controls found in the Stage Piano models.

Piano Bass Controls (GIF, 16K)
provided by Jens Lüpke

Like the Volume & Bass Boost circuit found in the Stage Piano, but not exactly....

Late-Model Suitcase Mark I & Janus I Preamp Schematic (PDF, 31K)
provided by Tim Warneck

Corrected circuit board and LED diagrams for the version of the Suitcase Mark I preamp with EQ sliders. Tim explains (01/03/09):

"I must admit that the schematic in the Service Manual for late Mk I suitcases (Janus) has always bothered me a bit because some aspects did not quite match real preamps I have seen. After looking over the old schematic, it wasn't clear to me that the vibrato circuit would even work as intended.

Well, now I know why it bothered me. It is indeed different, and I found what I think is the correct schematic.

The vibrato switch (on-off) and LDR circuit is different in this schematic, and I can say with confidence that it matches other preamps of this era I have seen. This 'new' schematic also matches the PCB layout shown in Fig. 11-2 of the service manual. C8 and C20 are connected to the LED portion of the LDRs, the vibrato switch leads connect to GND, the base of Q1 and the intensity pot, for example. There are other differences in the vibrato oscillator circuit also."

Late-Model Suitcase Mark II Preamp Schematic (PDF, 35K)
provided by Tim Warneck

Circuit board and LED diagrams for the version of the Suitcase Mark II preamp with the "push button" Vibrato on/off switch.