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Remanufactured & New/Old Stock (NOS) Parts

Fortunately it's not hard to find parts today if you know where to look. One thing to keep in mind is that some Rhodes parts were common to other products within CBS Musical Instruments (Fender guitars & amps, Rogers drums, ARP synths, etc.). So if your piano is missing a knob, a Fender knob will probably work as a replacement. And several businesses in the US are dedicated to remanufacturing hardware for vintage keyboards, with the Fender Rhodes being an extremely popular one.

Vintage Vibe services the "Big 3" vintage electric pianos (Rhodes, Wurlitzer & Clavinet) and is a great source of parts for any of them.

  • New/Old Stock & Used Parts From All Fender Rhodes & Rhodes Piano Eras
  • Tines, Tonebars, Hammers, Keys, Pickups, etc.
  • Legs, Sustain Pedal & Push Rod for Stage Piano
  • Suitcase Amp Speakers & Electronics
  • Custom Electronics (Stage Vibe, Preamp Power Supplies)
  • Reproduction Plastic Logos

CAE Sound has been dealing NOS Rhodes parts for a long time and still has plenty of them available.

  • Hammer Tips, Pedestal Felts, Damper Felts, etc.
  • Tonebar Hardware (Mounting Screws, Springs, Grommets, Clips)
  • New & Rewound Pickups
  • Sustain Pedal & Push Rod for Stage Piano
  • Suitcase Preamp Cables, Power Supplies, Vibrato Lamps
  • Suitcase Sustain Pedal Assemblies

Ken Rich Sound Services (LA's Keyboard Tech of the Stars) sells a handful of authentic parts and customized products.

  • Authentic Speaker Grill Cloth & Suitcase Amp Legs
  • Improved Sustain Bar Mechanism
  • NOS Peterson Vibrato Lamps
  • "Straddlers" (supports for second keyboard on top of the piano, i.e. to keep it from slipping off of the rounded harp cover)

You can also find some Ebay Stores and individual sellers who specialize in Rhodes parts:

  • vintage*vibe is Vintage Vibe's ID, where you can find many of their stock products for sale along with custom rebuilt pianos
  • musicpartsguru normally has hundreds of parts for sale, and not just for the Rhodes
  • cmv563 is Robert Vasicek (, creator of the Fender Rhodes Backchecks Kit that often shows up in search results

Many service techs are distributors for these companies or are parts dealers themselves. Here's the current list as of 09/30/08:

Peacefreak Rhodes Service Center, Mölnlycke, Sweden
+46-31-88 16 44 | |

Vintagebua, Oslo, Norway
+47 410 48 084 | |

Fender Rhodes Service, Amsterdam, Netherlands
0031-20-4270371 |

Micheletti Pianoforti, Roma, Italia
+39 0687182305 | |

Joao Coelho, Lisboa, Portugal
+351 96 8709206 | |

NEWLOC Backline Sales & Rentals, Paris, France
+33 (0) 1 4834 4848 | |

Taste und Technik, Ahnsen, Deutschland
+49-5722-81471 | |

Marcel Groot, Netherlands
0031-627568241 | |

Sydney Keyboards & Audio Repairs, Harris Park NSW Australia
02 8802 7019 | |

Musikhaus Ortel, Friedberg, Deutschland
(49) 6031-91880 |

Eboardmuseum, Klagenfurt, Osterreich
0043 699 19144180 | |

Urban Music, Tokyo, Japan
(03) 3795-3571 | |

Brownlight Industries, Te Aro, Wellington New Zealand