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Audio Archives

Chick Corea's Children's Songs are 20 short pieces for solo piano that were released as an album (ECM 1267) in 1984. They were all performed on acoustic piano for that recording, but #1 to #15 were intended for the Fender Rhodes (#1 appears on the first Return to Forever album, and #3 is better known as Space Circus Part 1). The demo tape here is probably from before 1984, and may or may not have been performed by Chick himself. In any case, it presents all of his Children's Songs in their correct sequence, with the correct instrumentation.

Chick Corea - Children's Songs Demo (MP3, 32 MB)

In the early 1970's, Herbie Hancock and CBS produced this promotional recording demonstrating the Fender Rhodes piano.

Side A: Watermelon Man, Maiden Voyage (MP3, 7.5 MB)
Side B: The Spook, Incidental Music (MP3, 8 MB)
MP3's provided by Neil Loughran

Herbie Hancock Demonstrates the Rhodes Sound - Cover Herbie Hancock Demonstrates the Rhodes Sound - Page 1 Herbie Hancock Demonstrates the Rhodes Sound - Page 2

Shortly after Harold Rhodes died in December 2000, James Garfield was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered, discussing the Rhodes piano and its impact on music as we know it today. Or at least, as we knew it in the Year 2000.

All Things Considered Interview (MP3, 4 MB)

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