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David Ell
Kennewick, WA 99336
United States
David Ell

Lifetime Positive Ratings: 50% [ Add Your Rating ]

Complete Rhodes restoration and repair; tuning,voicing,overhaul,re-grommet,re bush,enhancing,upgrading, modification,damper mod and regulation,felts,resonate circuit mod,sustain inspections,blueprinting,key leveling, strike line and escapement set up,tips,action rail,pic ups etc.Pre amp/amp repair.Complete teched pianos availible.Rental Piano.High performance Rhodes rebuilds.Next day damper mod service.Custom Pre amps for stage models.Vintage parts.I offer high quality work and can set up work orders to fit your needs.Please visit

Name:  Maximilian Schlosshauer
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  David Ell is a true Rhodes expert and an extremely skilled tech. I've had two Rhodes restored by him, first a Mark II a few years back, and now a Mark I. The Mark I was virtually unplayable when I brought it to David, and through painstaking work he transformed into the most amazing Rhodes I've ever played or heard. That piano is pure magic. A warm, rich and yet articulated tone, and perfect action. David added his own custom preamp, which helps cut the muddiness without compromising the warmth and clarity of the Rhodes sound. David is always very helpful, incredibly committed, and what he charges for his work is more than reasonable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Name:  Steveiam
Rating:  1 / 5
Comments:  Craigslist hack stay away from him he'll ruin yer gear and blame you.