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Smith Piano Servicing
Dallas, TX 75224
United States
Nathan Smith
(214) 934-3916

Lifetime Positive Ratings: 50% [ Add Your Rating ]

My services entail the tuning, repair, and adjustment of mechanical piano functions on electric and acoustic pianos; including Rhodes, Fender-Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Yamaha CP-70 and CP-80 pianos. My electrical knowledge extends only as far as diagnosis & replacement of Rhodes pickups. I do not repair circuitry problems in preamps, etc. I also offer faulty pickup rewinding for Rhodes and Fender Rhodes pianos. Please visit my website for more information.

Name:  Sam Solomon <>
Rating:  1 / 5
Comments:  Dead beat!

Name:  Nathan Smith
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Mr. Solomon, I'm sorry that you felt the need to leave such a negative review. But it is your attitude that you are displaying publicly which is the reason I decided not to do business with you. If you had read my website, you would have noticed that I am was not (and am currently still not) taking Rhodes business when you attempted to get in touch with me as I am focusing on improving my acoustic piano skill set. When you first contacted me to restore your Rhodes in 2013, I told you multiple times that I did not do restorations in-home (at the owner's residence). After multiple hounding phone calls, I eventually gave in and did the work at your house (making several return trips so that I could retrieve tools that I forgot to bring - because Rhodes work is not something I typically do outside of my shop). The most recent attempt at contact on your end happened to be during a couple weeks where I was extremely busy with other work, and simply could not take on any other work (also, I was - and am not - taking any electric piano work at this time). Please forgive me for not getting back with you. Nathan