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Keyboard Services Scotland
9 Kingswood Road
Aberdeen, Scotland AB15 8TD
United Kingdom
Alan Morrison
01224-744585 / 07702-996871

Lifetime Positive Ratings: 47% [ Add Your Rating ]

Supply of Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano spares with full service and overhaul backup. Also supply spares and provide service for all makes of organs, keyboards, accordions and electronic musical instruments. Largest established UK supplier of scarce and obsolete spares. Member of the musical instrument technicians association of America - MITA. Specialising also in Spares and service for Conn, Kimball, Wurlitzer, Lowrey and Gulbransen. New Rhodes spares now available for all parts including the latest service kits and modifications.

Name:  Jo Utterly
Rating:  2 / 5
Comments:  It's nice to have a "UK" supplyer, but I'm afaird the service and forgetfullness are a big let down. A lovely guy but getting parts from the states is quicker.

Name:  Clive Martell <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  A wonderful - speedy - pro service (Original Fender Rhodes Part came almost immediately)Friendly communications and very helpful staff...I would deffinately use this guy again! 10/10

Name:  Jim Johnson
Rating:  1 / 5
Comments:  Recently I was stuck for a Bass pedal switch and spent most of the day trying to contact the guy.Despite leaving messages with his daughter and trying his mobile he never replied.
I was fortunate that the local music shop new of someone else.It was repaired within two hours and the guy wouldn't charge and gave me a spare switch.

Name:  david mcgraw
Rating:  2 / 5
Comments:  I already placed a comment on the poor quality of service/advice ,18 months ago but I see it has been removed.
Very hard to get in contact with and the advice given was incorrect.I got it fixed for pennies by someone who DID know about the instrument.

Name:  Rob
Rating:  2 / 5
Comments:  Very forgetful and hard to get hold of at times. Didnt send me enough felt in a key bushings kit, which I only discovered halfway through the job. Then he forgot to order any more in and after he said he would do. Two months later he emails to ask if I still needed anything...i.e. he forgotten again! Gave up by this time and ordered a new kit from Netherlands

Name:  daveribble <>
Rating:  1 / 5
Comments:  Have waited 13 months for Mr Morrison to repair the D pedal on my Hammond L102. I live in Fraserburgh and when I first consulted him , he told me that he would be in the area within a week or so as he had a few to repair.

He also warned me not to use a guy who is a profesional electronic engineer but works abroad a lot , so can only undertake this work when home. Mr Morrison also stated that this guy was not to be trusted,I have this and the rest of his comments recorded on my mobile.ROT.
Having waited all this time for Mr Morrison, I eventually got hold of the other gentleman and he attended yesterday. The fault was a broken pedal pushrod (BAKELLITE) .
I was charged 30.00 and he gave me a secondhand part ,free gratis.
What more can I say!
I have never met Mr Morrisson , but this guy who repaired the organ, not only clearly knew what he was doing, but I must add that I have heard very few people that can play like him.
As this is Mr Morrisons site, I will not give a phone number for the other gentleman. Just ask around the music shops in aberdeen or contact MOORE RANDALL in surrey.Ask for Rob.
Sorry if this sounds vitriolic, but 13 months is a long time to wait.

Name:  Charles Farley
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Mr Morrison has repaired a number of my keyboards over the years and I can confirm that he is one of the nicest and conscientious in the business. There are a couple of very suspect individuals in Aberdeen who claim to know what they are doing, and I'm glad to say that Alan is an all round good guy, extremely knowledgable and honest.
I have had Rhodes, Clavinet, Hammond M-100 mods done over the last 5 years, all prompt and lasting work. A proper gent.

Name:  Jason
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Very nice man, very good work, very reasonable prices.