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Inner Mounting Flame (1971)
Mahavishnu Orchestra

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User Rating: 5 / 5 [ Add Your Rating ]

Name:  Galen Shostac
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  One of the greatest fusion records of all time! The best of all Mahavishnu recordings, this features Jan Hammer on Rhodes, and he really added his own flavor to the instrument; Check out the crazy ring modulator solos and beautiful melodic blues riffs. Is this really the same Jan Hammer who practically retired after his work on "Miami Splice"? Come back to America and call up John and Billy - Please Jan, Please! Where are you?

Name:  John Dube
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Jan Hammer used to play his Rhodes "topless" and het his hands onto the harp for added

Name:  William Hutchison
Rating:  4 / 5
Comments:  This is the only MO album that i can tolerate. Here, John McLaughlin decided to break away from his jazz roots and become a rock star. There is absolutely nothing subtle about his playing. It is just one long orgy of notes with no breathing room. The same can be said for Jerry Goodman's equally irritating electric violin playing. Ironically, Jan Hammer is the only reason why i listen to this one. Nice playing on a Sparkletop including those crazy ring modulator effects. It's a shame he didn't showcase it too often.