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Prelude (1972) by Deodato
User Rating: 5.0 (3 total) [ Add Your Rating! ]
Andy Marlow (5/5): Deodato and the Fender Rhodes piano was simply a perfect match. He really knew how to use the classic keyboard and produc... [ read more ]
L.A. Woman (1971) by The Doors
User Rating: 3.7 (4 total) [ Add Your Rating! ]
Juergen Martens (3/5): This Doors record to me overall is ho-hum, but "Riders on the Storm" is
pure Rhodes heaven and deserves credit fo... [ read more ]
From Left to Right (1970) by Bill Evans
User Rating: 4.4 (5 total) [ Add Your Rating! ]
el cid (3/5): interesting, odd record with the famed acoustic pianist integrating rhodes into a choice set of material (as the cover suggests... [ read more ]
Kid A (2000) by Radiohead
User Rating: 4.5 (9 total) [ Add Your Rating! ]
Gerardo Sanchez (5/5): there's about three song that got all the classic rhodes sound : morning bell, everything in its right place, motion ... [ read more ]
Gone with the Wind (2002) by Christina Machado
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James Garfield (4/5): This album has been getting a lot of airplay on KRML (the Monterey jazz station), specifically the track "On a Clear D... [ read more ]
Animals (1977) by Pink Floyd
User Rating: 4.0 (3 total) [ Add Your Rating! ]
BRENDAN LOWE (4/5): ANIMALS showed the Floyd moving in a more dark, bitter, and angry direction. Roger Waters give us his synopsis of who t... [ read more ]
The Song Remains The Same (1976) by Led Zeppelin
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robb benwell (5/5): i was just perusing the net today and noticed something about a favorite
recording of mine . my favorite song by led... [ read more ]