Dyno Suitcase 73
owner: Wolfgang Drechsler

I have a wonderful Dyno from 1970 that was pre-owned by Robbie Buchanan, the famous West Coast pianist, arranger and producer. I bought it from him in 1996, after he had used it on so many recordings by Whitney Houston, Sergio Mendes, Burt Bacharach, Patti LaBelle, just to name a few.

He used to have two Dyno's that were exactly the same, one in LA and one in Canada. I got the "Canadian" model, which had even been MIDI-fied by Forte Music back in the 80's.

I'm including two pics showing the piano after a complete exterior restoration, because of serious damage to some wooden parts after having a heavy flight case dropped on the very front rail of the piano (which also broke my heart). Fortunately none of the keys, mechanics or electronics had been harmed...even the MIDI-fication survived....