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Let It Be (1970)
The Beatles

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User Rating: 4 / 5 [ Add Your Rating ]

Name:  Royston Spears
Rating:  4 / 5
Comments:  Let It Be was the final album released by the Beatles: the keyboard player and "Fifth Beatle" was Billy Preston. Many of the tracks feature a Fender Rhodes "suitecase" in a supporting role - but the keyboard's presence is often hidden under Phil Spector's complex over-dubbing. Two tracks which do allow Preston to show his skills are "I've Got A Feeling" and "Get Back": the latter track features some great percussive Rhodes playing during the famous rooftop concert at "Apple Studios".

A new "pre-Spector" mix of this classic album is due to be released, featuring the songs "as nature intended" - this will undoubtedly bring out more of the Rhodes magic.

Name:  Joel
Rating:  4 / 5
Comments:  This is the album that made me want a Rhodes piano. A great example of the Rhodes used in a rock/pop context. Billy Preston's Get Back solo is freaking great!

Name:  William Hutchison
Rating:  3 / 5
Comments:  Yep, it's the Beatles. Blah blah blah...yada yada yada. Now let's get to the real issue why i like this album and that is the great keyboard playing of Billy Preston. It must have been really hard on Billy to keep the four bickering egos in check while he tried to bring a sense of harmony to the proceedings. I'll give this album a fair rating since they are the Beatles and are a sacred cow that is above criticism.