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Thrust (1974)
Herbie Hancock

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User Rating: 5 / 5 [ Add Your Rating ]

Name:  James Garfield <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  One word: Butterfly....

Name:  Daniel Riera <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  This is the record that turned me on to fusion, Herbie, and Rhodes Pianos. Butterfly gives me chills!

Name:  Kari Setälä <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  To a certain extent, this album's even better than its predecessor, "Head Hunters". All the tunes are at least minor classics, including a couple of huge ones: "Buttefly" and "Actual Proof". The way in which Herbie locks himself to the groove of a complicated tune like "Actual Proof" is exhilarating. "Butterfly" is probably one of his (if not the) best composition(s) from his funky period.

Name:  Bob Long <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  If you only hear one cut on this record, then listen to "Actual Proof". The performance is totally killer. Herbie's solo on this tune is worth just about every record you have with a Rhodes on it. It is everything. The groove and feel,the ideas conveyed by torch burning technique.And then there's Mike Clark's playing.Mike Clark was a total revelation on drums on this record for a guy who was considered, at the time, strictly "West Coast swing", yet he pulls off one of the most amazing performances on a funk record you gonna hear.
The tune itself is intricate and harmonically intersting and yet flows off these guys like they had been playing it for ten years.

Name:  Charels S.
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  It's been said many times over, so it must be TURE!. "Butterfly" is ALL THAT!. Smooth, The whole band is TIGHT!. Herbie is more then "ROCKET". Not close to being one of my favorties. Dig the stuff he did with Miles, Wayne Shorter, "AS" w/Stevie Wonder, the list could go on and on. Herbie is one of a kind!.

Name:  Herbie Is GOD
Rating:  5 / 5

Name:  Jamie
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  This is the single recording that has truly inspired my life as a Fender Rhodes player.

Name:  joshua ariz <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  This album is great! Although actual proof and butterfly are probably my favourites they are all great. The way herbie layers his music, is perfect and makes me want to practice my rhodes!

Name:  Jean-Henry Berevoescu <>
Rating:  3 / 5

Name:  Andreas
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Simply amazing. I love it.

Name:  Juergen martens <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  The influence of THRUST on almost everything that came after cannot be rated high enough, be it the better part of 70's Funk/Fusion (before it became mindless musical masturbation), 90's Acid Jazz or modern Triphop stuff for which Hancock's tasteful, athmospheric sound layers on Butterfly created the mold (just listen to Staring At the Sun by P'TAAH which I introduced on this site earlier). Particularly remarkable besides Herbie's superb work on Rhodes and all these ARP synths is of course Mike Clark's explosive drumming that has remained a No. 1 source of inspiration for Funk/Jazz drummers to this very day.

Name:  juergen martens
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Another interesting aspect of THRUST is that it lets you have a deeper look into the roots of the Oakland style of groove.
Listen to Mike Clark and Paul Jackson - both from Oakland - on Spank-A-Lee, creating a drive that instantly brings to mind another famous Bay Area rhythm team: Dave Garibaldi and Rocco Prestia a.k.a. Tower Of Power. Must be something in the air there...

Name:  Rob C
Rating:  4 / 5
Not my favourite Herbie-CD , but still okay I guess. The Rhodes is sometimes submerged in loads of reverb. Headhunters-Rhodes is far more direct , and the total sound of this CD is not as good on Headhunters , also the synthesizer solo sound sounds thin & cheap , compared to the Jimmie Hendrix-like quality of the solo on Headhunters Chameleon.
I guess more time was spent to produce Headhunters , and this was sort of a follow up.

Name:  Kevin Hurst, Sr.
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Great Rhodes solos by Herbie! Probably last record before the polyphonic synths came out. More tracks had to be used for that fact and he was still playing melody lines with and without synths. Actual proof is a good example! Butterfly definitely has that Rhodes bottom all keyboard players wanted.

Name:  Enrico Corsi
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Actual Proof is the best Rhodes solo ever: such clever, fool and perfect.... it's almost impossible think to dominate a "maze" of form like this tune is in that way!!!!

Butterfly is an example of feeling and form dominion. Nothing can be compared to these two tunes.

Name:  Francis Dupon
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Déjà 40ans et pas une ride. Un de ces albums que je peut écouter tous les jours. Actual Proof est un bijoux, une pierre précieuse, quand a Butterfly, il me fait presque monter les larmes...

Name:  William Hutchison
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  I agree with the other reviewers in that Herbie's Rhodes solo on 'Actual Proof' is one of the best i've ever heard. I also enjoy hearing the clavinet which btw is at its best as a supporting instrument.