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Music Is Rotted One Note (1998)

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User Rating: 5 / 5 [ Add Your Rating ]

Name:  Brother Wetlands <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Complete genius! Miles better than his recent "Ultravisitor" effort.
If you only associate Squarepusher with insane Jungle/ragga/techno/acid/breakcore, you might be surprised to know he can play bonkers jazz too.
His albums prior to "Rotted.." had become more and more meticulously programmed sequencer/sampler affairs, so for a change he obviously decided to produce a completely "real-time" album, allowing a bit of showing off of his considerable bass, drum, guitar and keyboard skills.
Quite a nod towards the Panthalassa/Bitches Brew compositional style, but more diciplined, with opening track "Chunk-S" teasing you with a couple of minutes of garbled studio conversation before dropping into THE FUNKIEST GROOVE EVER for about 120 seconds, then snatching it away again, before blasting off on a completely different tangent- no 10 minute solos here!
Rhodes aplenty, along with mangled synths, echo boxes, tape loops, real spring and plate reverbs (see cover) and general noise abuse. On it's first listen, you'll screw your eyes up and question the lo-fi recording and strange EQing of the whole thing (clinical production is another trait you expect of Mr Jenkinson), but after a couple of plays it grows on you and you're questioning why there isn't more Garage Jazz around.
It's not always easy going- after the sublime 6/4 progressions of "My Sound", you have to deal with the bad-dream-soundtrack of "Ruin" and "Last Ap Roach", but viewed as a whole, the tracks form a cycle of songwriting and sound experimentation that Eno would be proud of.
Turned my musical expectations around the same way that Headhunters did- Highly recommended for the adventurous listener.