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High Visibility (2002)
The Hellacopters

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User Rating: 4 / 5 [ Add Your Rating ]

Name:  Simon Fazio
Rating:  4 / 5
Comments:  Sweedish gods of MC5-Detroit-Rock revivalism, The Hellacopters are here to rock you, and rock you hard. Strangely abscent from the history vaults, the band incorporate the Rhodes Stage 88 across the majority of their back-catalogue (as well as on stage), with this great record 'High Visabilty' one of the best starting points to launch you into the high-energy world of this exciting European act.

Of course, with all great rock bands, they must be experienced live to get full experience. Nevertheless, this record, and band is particuarly rockin', especially with Boba pounding the Rhodes in the background. (Check out their DVD 'Goodnight Cleveland' to see the keys in full force!)

Despite the strange references and song titles that aries from the singer Nicke Royale's desire to lyricise in his adopted tongue (prizes will go to the first individual to explain to me the songtitle 'Toys and Flavors'), The Hellacopters are a quality act; the perfect antithesis to the contrived, image driven, garage 'bands' of today.