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Emergency on Planet Earth (1993)

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User Rating: 5 / 5 [ Add Your Rating ]

Name:  Terje Ellefsen
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Very good and funky album! It doesn't fit the category it's listed in, but rather sounds like a early/mid-70's record dug out of the vaults and published in 1993. Excellent playing and good production values. Heavily recommended!

Name:  Ian <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  This album opened new era in history of rhodes piano.Jamiroquai made its amazing sound so popular again.
This is how rhodes is supposed to sound!!! If rhodes pianos were still produced and i was owner of the company that produces rhodes pianos i would use
"Blow Your Mind" as track advertising
rhodes sound at its best.
When you listen to the album you see that rhodes piano is the main instrument
in jamiroquai music (of course together with Minimoog, which Toby said in interview he used and witth amazing JK voice, & Stu's supercool bass).
All the tracks have outstanding jazzy harmonies and rhodes piano helps so much to express the musical ideas and
it adds that magical and very special feeling when you listen to this legendary record it makes you want to listen to it again and again.
the sound of rhodes piano is very versatile on this album. in the track called "Emergency On Planet Earth" Toby, the keyboardist, even plays rhodes through wah wah pedal. In "Too Young To Die" you can hear fantastic chords played with long sustain.
Toby's rhodes piano sound is very difficult to imitate. Its tone and timbre is so rich, special and unique, it has such long sustain, and i think it has some tube pre amp.
I want to thank Toby Smith for being so cool!!!!!

Name:  Toby Smith's fan
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Rhodes piano sound on this album will
still amaze people in many hundreds of years. I think someday jamiroquai will be considered as important as the Beatles. no one compares to Jamiroquai!!!!! Toby Smith is the king of Rhodes piano!!!!

Name:  ian fisher <>
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Jamiroquai have emulated that 70's soul/jazz/funk sound and is ironically the best of the genre i've ever heard. I fell in love with the fender rhodes and jamiroquai after hearing this. i pestered music shops and other musicians to find out what was that beautiful, chimey keyboard sound. Was it a hammond? was it a wurlitzer? maybe one of those fender rhodes? hmmmm.
Don't get me wrong, the other instumentation on this album, is awesome (bass & flute especially); but sadly there's only one fender rhodes and you can't just walk into a musical intrument retailers and just buy one like other instuments. therefore i champion this great musical invention.
Actually hung around after a jamiroquai gig at Newcastle in 94 and was very, very lucky to meet Toby Smith. He was a true gent and even gave me tips on how to use it with a Wah pedal! Awesome! Even met him a few times later at other gigs. If you're reading this Toby, thank you for inspiring me to become a keyboard player.
Bought a suitcase 73 for 200 of a local geek in an ad mag not long after, but i sadly had to sell it recently due to shortages of space in my house for a silly price of 300 (very silly). Let's hope that the rhodes sound can live on with digital plugins for the computer.

Name:  Ana Coelho
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  "Blow your mind"

Name:  Rob Coops
Rating:  4 / 5
Comments:  As for Rhodes : the first Jamiroquai records are not that special in that regard.
But they made a few nice tracks with fat rhodes later on.

Name:  Glenn
Rating:  5 / 5
Comments:  Fabulous debut album for a fabulous band!