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Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso) (1971) by Led Zeppelin
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William Hutchison (4/5): I'm not much of a LZ fanatic but i will comment on John Paul Jones, easily the most underrated member of the group.... [ read more ]
The Bill Evans Album (1971) by Bill Evans
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Nils (5/5): Great album by a even greater pianist.
Like the From Left To Right album Evans is playing piano and Rhodes on this one as we... [ read more ]
What's Going On (1971) by Marvin Gaye
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Herbiefied (5/5): What can I say? One of the finest albums ever made.
Anyone out there who is seriously interested in funk soul or jazz ... [ read more ]
The Inner Source/Solus by George Duke
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Peter Kenney (5/5): A fantastic album (well, two really). This and the rest of his albums from this period have been reissued in a box set, ... [ read more ]
Merry-Go-Round (1971) by Elvin Jones
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el cid (3/5): this review is low because this is *half* of a great record. the first side is fairly breathtaking, with a front line of dave... [ read more ]
Sky Dive (1972) by Freddie Hubbard
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Juergen Martens (5/5): Sad news to end 2008 was that Freddie Hubbard passed away at age 70. More than enough reason to give his 1972 release... [ read more ]
Light as a Feather (1972) by Chick Corea
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dr funk (5/5): the greatest rhodes album ever made - chick is a god, and i would happily have his babies and devote myself to his happiness ... [ read more ]
Return to Forever (1972) by Chick Corea
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Thomas Nydén (5/5): This is the first Return To Forever album, and in my opinion the best. From the beginning to the end itīs an exciting, ... [ read more ]
Waka/Jawaka (1972) by Frank Zappa
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Rob C (4/5):
A Zappa CD worthy adding to your collection. I have all early Zappa , this one has one lengthy solo on Rhodes by George Du... [ read more ]
Layers (1972) by Les McCann
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dovlandau (5/5): Great stuff! [ read more ]
Music Of My Mind (1972) by Stevie Wonder
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Kelly Finnigan (4/5): All I Got to Say is SuperWoman! [ read more ]