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Return of the Space Cowboy (1995) by Jamiroquai
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Terje Ellefsen (5/5): This is not an album with electronic/dance music, it's funk, soul, jazzfunk, acid jazz and that sort of music. It is (... [ read more ]
Emergency on Planet Earth (1993) by Jamiroquai
User Rating: 4.8 (7 total) [ Add Your Rating! ]
Terje Ellefsen (5/5): Very good and funky album! It doesn't fit the category it's listed in, but rather sounds like a early/mid-70's record ... [ read more ]
Travelling Without Moving (1997) by Jamiroquai
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Brother Wetlands (3/5): Hmmmm, the start of the slippery slope downhill that's left us with Jay Kay's frail ego-shell of a band.
Some go... [ read more ]