The Rhodes Gallery

Blue Sparkletop Mark II
owner: Bruce Murphy

A Stage 73 Mark II with a blue harp cover, cream tolex and other cosmetic enhancements.
Fender Rhodes Executone
owner: Kenneth Manning

It looks like a Student Rhodes from the 70's, but take a closer look at the control panel...
Dyno Suitcase 73
owner: Wolfgang Drechsler

When's the last time you saw one of these??!?!!
English Club Model
owner: Matt Bourne

Only available in England, this was an Eighty-Eight with a sleek black cabinet and a built-in PA.
Rhodes Twelve-Tone
owner: James Garfield

No, this is not some sort of joke we whipped up in Photoshop: it's a fully-functional Mark II with only 12 keys!!!
Major Key 54
owner: John R. McLaren

This is possibly the first entirely new Rhodes built since the factory closed its doors in 1985.