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Replacing the Suitcase Speakers

The 12" speakers used in the Suitcase amp were not all that common, so replacing them may be difficult unless you know what you're doing. Jibbidy Joe explains:

I was needing new speakers for my suitcase (the two which came in it died). I called Major Key and this is what Julie said:

The speakers are rare and unusual, and almost impossible to find. They are 32 Ohm, 12 inch Eminence. You might check with Orange County Speaker (repair and sales) at 714-554-8520. They might be able to help you. Keep us posted, and good luck.

I searched for these speakers but couldn't find them. I can't even find a 32-ohm speaker after weeks of searching! And I believe that the 2 speakers for each channel (left and right) on the suitcase are in series. So I assume if you can only find 16-ohm speakers (which I was able to find) you could wire a resistor in there to get past that problem. I don't even know if putting in a 16-ohm speaker would be a problem....

Steve Woodyard adds:

The originals were 32 ohms each, (2 per channel) wired in parallel. Orange County Speaker is very familiar with the originals and knows their specifications. The 32 ohm voice coil is no longer available so you have to recone them (or replace) to 8 ohms and wire them in series (that amp wants to see 16 ohms total). This means that if one of the two speakers is bad (per channel) you have to replace or recone both of them.

If you're having trouble locating a replacement, Jonas Malfliet recommends these guys:

One of my speakers of my Suitcase amp was broken, so I was in search of a new 32 Ohm speaker. I have found one on Ted Weber ( told me my original speaker was a Pyle, not an Eminence, because of the model number (1098XXX). For $90 he was prepared to make a new speaker, for $45 he would recone it.

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