PRE*PIANO BULLETIN NO. 6 Date: SUB-JECT: Ass.anil:Y>J..y Instructions - Pre*Piano Model 239 L February 1..4. . 1949 . . The 3-legged wooden stand assembly consists of the left leg assemb y, with the left leg, and the right leg assembly, with the right leg, the rear leg and. the pedal. To assemble, t~n the piano upside down and place it on a non-soratohing surfaoe (oarpet. heavy tableolath, etc). Remove the hamnk and key retaining string. Attach the le:N:; leg assembly. as shawn on the sketoh, installing t he tvlo wood screws next to the leg' loosely so as to engage the predrilled holes in the base. Now set the right leg assembly over the reoessed end of the le:N:; assembly, install 4 scr8VIS in predrilled holes and tighten all 6 screws. N ow turn the piano right side up. The pedal rod is inserted by pa.ssing the sorew end t~~ough the felted pedal rod hole in the base until it engages ┬Ěthe damper release bar arm, then gently raising the release bar arm to permit dropping the pedal rod pin ixr\;o the pedal heel hole. CARE MUST BE TAKEN: a). Not to push the pedal rod any further than necessary into the piano, since damage to the damper system might result. and b). To engage the damper release bar arm in the felted receptacle (not visible) with the pedal rod sorew. This proper engagement oan easily be felt. and will result in smoath pedal operation. New plug in the instrumeub. permit it to warm up, rotate the pl~ in the wall socket to determine the lowest hum level, and the instrument is ready~o play.