PRE * PIANO BULLETIN NO. 1 DATE: Nov. 19, 1948 SUBJECT: Pedal rod adjustment and installation. Prior to locking pedal rod to pedal as described in the fifth step of the instruction for Pre*Piano assembly, the pedal rod length must be adjusted. For this purpose all new type pedal rods have a machine screw threaded into the top. Driving the screw in shortens the rod. Turning it out lengthens the rod. Proper adjustment is found by inserting the screw end of the pedal rod into holle X as shown in the assembly instrucions until the screw contacts the damper release bar pivot arm.(This arm has a spring action and therefore this contact can easily be identified.) Now check the rod length. The lower end of the wooden rod should be flush with the top surface of the pedal heel.(See sketch.) Adjust pedal rod screw and check again. When you have established the proper length, raise the rod carefully, just far enough against the spring action to permit dropping the pin into the pedal heel hole. PUSHING THE ROD FURTHER THAN NECESSARY MAY DAMAGE THE PIANO DAM- PER SYSTEM. Now check all dampers, first with foot off the pedal. All dampers should operate normally.(Note that 8 treble notes have no dampers.)Next check with foot on pedal. No dampers should operate. Minor shortening or lengthening respectively will correct any remaining discrepancies. NOTE: Some older pedals do not have the machine screw. In this case the rod may be shortened by cutting the upper end off (rasping, saw etc.) Lengthening may be achieved by inserting a small nail (screw, etc.)or send to the factory for a new type pedal rod. U.S. PROPELLERS, Inc., Manufacturers 3270 E. Foothill Blvd. Pasadena 8, Calif.