INSTRUCTIONS FOR PRE*PIANO ASSEMBLY Drawing No.1 shows the piano and seat in place over the -assembled sta.p.d. The stand consists of five parts as shawn: 1. Lett runner. 2. Right runner. 3. Foot pedal and /' ,~ pedal housing. l... 4. Pedal rod. 5. Cross brace. FIRST STEPs ReI!love lciose ' round head screw from pedal housing. Insert; screw into hole B of rUnner No. 2 as shown in Dra~ng No.2. SECOND STEP: Remove loose round m ad screws from eros s braoe and insert into runnerf Noo 1 and No. 2 as shown in Drawing No o 3. THIRD STEP t Turn stand \1pside down over up-turned seat. Insert 4 wood screws into pilot holes as marked on bottom of seat. FOURTH STEP: Put stand back into upright pom. tion, then plaoe piano on to p of stand so that the four pilot holes A,B,e,D, as shown in Drawing No. 5 are direotly over the four holes provided in runners 1 and 20 Insert fbur wood screws. FIFTH STEP: Raise assembled ,piano ~d stand off floor, then ins ert pedal rod up into hole x .as shown in Drawing No.5, then look bottom of pedal rod to pe dal by inserting pin into hole provided. NOTE: Pilot hole.s !A', BB, ee, DD, in Drawing No. 5 and hole A in Drawing No. 2 provide a fo rward adjustlD!lnt of pedal & piano for cllildren.