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Welcome to - The Rhodes Super Site!

created by James Garfield (US) & Frederik Adlers (SE)

Taking Donations (12/02/11): If you're a fan of this site and want to contribute to its continuing success, you can click the Donate button above or use this link to make your donation (trust me, they really do go to PayPal!). Anything helps, even $5.

Record of the Month (12/02/11): The Record & CD Reviews section has been updated with a recommended listening feature that we'll be bringing to you every month. In the spirit of the season it's The Spirit Of Christmas by Ray Charles for December 2011. Santa Claus, he's comin' ta toww-howw-oww-howwwwn!!!

Reconstruction (10/24/11): The rebuild of the site continues. Today I switched the doctype from XHTML to HTML for the HTML5 migration, and things started to look not so nice in places. I didn't know HTML5 was so touchy.

Service List Additions & Updates (10/13/11): It takes a certain amount of time to add, update and generally check over the Service Listings. I have made a lot of changes recently, and I know there's a handful of people out there who would like to be added to the list. Email me at to have your info added or to request an update.

The Rhodes Home Piano Page (10/13/11): I'm creating an entirely new page exclusively for the legendary 1977 Rhodes Home Piano, which is slowly proving to be less rare than we had originally assumed. Thanks to several owners and techs we have much more information on it now, including the original brochure that came with the piano. Home Piano players unite!

Server Move (10/06/11): I completed the move to a new server tonight, so you may find strange things here and there while I clean up. Please note our new email address:

Commemoration of Exceptional Service (08/25/11): Britain's Dr. Martin Treacy discovered an erratum in the Rhodes History yesterday, which Frederik was quick to correct. Harold B. Rhodes did not receive the Medal of Honor during World War II: in fact, it was Harold N. Rhodes who won many medals during the war. Harold B. received the Commemoration of Exceptional Civilian Service, as is noted in the Rhodes Family's obituary.

A Rarity (08/24/11): Jacob Joon in LA is currently trying to sell a fairly unique transitional 1969-70 Suitcase Piano that combines the 60's Silvertop internals with the Mark I cosmetic styling of the 70's. Email:

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DISCLAIMERS: This site is in no way affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments, CBS Musical Instruments, the Roland Corporation, the Rhodes Music Corporation, the Fender Rhodes Story, the Harold B. Rhodes Music Foundation or the family of Harold Rhodes. It was developed by and for Fender Rhodes enthusiasts, as a technical and historical resource for owners and players of vintage Rhodes pianos (1959-1984). The Rhodes Service Manual and certain photos used throughout the site were originally published by CBS Musical Instruments. The English translation of "Fender Rhodes: The Piano That Changed the History of Music" was contributed by the author. The Fender, Rhodes and Roland brand names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners, and are not specifically endorsed by the owners of this website.