What was the original dealer/list price for a Fender Rhodes?

We've been compiling Fender/CBS price lists as they come up and posting our findings by year under this topic for anybody who is interested. The final list price for a new Mark V Stage 73 was $1095 USD, which is (interestingly enough) what many people are paying for a used Rhodes in prime condition these days.


Fender Musical Instruments Price List October 1967 (**** = price not listed)


Fender Musical Instruments Price List July 1968


Fender Suggested Retail Price List p. 7

The price list I received has dealer notes that indicate a raise in prices of around $15 to $20 at some point, but there is no indication as to when that happened. Every piano and amp also had a custom vinyl cover available that could be ordered from the factory, at a cost ranging from $20 to $40. Additionally, hard cases with casters were available for the pianos and amps, priced around $100 for the Suitcase & Stage Pianos and $70 for the Satellite Amps.


Rhodes Keyboard Instruments
Suggested Retail Price List Effective June 4, 1977





Rhodes Keyboard Instruments
Suggested Retail Price List Effective December 17, 1977


Janus I Keyboard Amplification System



The only model available was the Mark V Stage 73 at a list price of $1095 USD, not including the 450 lb.-capacity Peterson stand. The Mark V with stand was $1195, and the stand itself could be purchased alone for $150.


The Mark V Stage 73 is sent to the back page of the price list, still tagged at $1095, and the stand is marked separately at $100.